Meet Luna

As most of you know, Ronnie & I lost our little Milo in August. It took us awhile to come to a decision about whether or not we would even pursue searching for another dog - we knew we had fallen in love with the Shiba breed but from our experience with Milo we had built so many walls to protect ourselves from ever having to go through that again. 

Clearly, we decided to not let that situation deter us from knowing that we had so much more love to give to a dog - and more importantly - so much more love that a dog could give to us. 

With that being said, meet our sweet, quirky, healthy Luna. Our moon. Our light in the darkness. Our joy. She's got enough spunk for two Shibas in her that we know she's living this life for Milo, too. For anyone that knows the breed, the Shiba 500 is in full effect. (Way too much energy for her own good.)

In the past several months, a lot of big things have been happening - we are currently house hunting in Northern Illinois and will be staying there for several years while Ronnie goes to school. We are close to finishing this chapter in our lives and we are incredibly thankful to be super close to adding "bought a house" to our list of milestones as a couple. Because we are buying a house, even more opportunities and dreams of ours will be coming true. We have had a lot of time to reflect on our experience with Milo - including hours of research on puppy mills and backyard breeders and the many horrible effects of what comes from them. Because of this, we feel so called to become foster parents for Shiba Inus when we return to Illinois - many of which come from puppy mills or backyard breeders, like Milo. 

2014 has been a trying year, but Ronnie & I know that there are signs from our sweet Milo - and we hope that our home will help other Shibas in need of finding forever homes - that is, if we don't end up being the crazy Shiba parents and end up keeping them all! Ronnie & I would like to take a moment to thank all of you once more for your unbelievable support throughout this experience. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to add this sweet girl to our family at this time - emotionally and financially you have supported us in ways that make us long to pay-it-forward - we can't wait to help other Shibas!



Nicole, Ronnie, & Luna <3

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