Milo Mondays // Week Two

Today, we embark on our third week with Mr. Milo. It's been an extremely emotional ride - and the thought of having to put him down last week because of the pain he was in was heartbreaking to say the least. Since then, we have continued giving him his medication and although he still has plenty of "episodes," we decided to do what we had been contemplating all of last week - to create a GoFundMe page to see if we could get support from our friends and family to help cover the overwhelming medical bills that we unfortunately couldn't have afforded on our own.

We are incredibly grateful to announce that we have been funded 67% of our goal since creating the fundraiser three days ago. We are absolutely speechless from everyone's support and will never be able to say "thank you" enough, but hope that we will be able to pay-it-forward to those who have helped us tremendously over the past several days.

If you are interested in donating to help us get the answers we have been searching for with Milo's condition, you can click here. Thank you for all of your love and support!!

We have an appointment for him this Wednesday in Austin at a specialized veterinarian hospital and at that point we will be able to find out what our next route is towards bettering his condition. We are so grateful that because of your support we are able to giving him the best possible chance at a normal life!

The good news is that he has no problem eating or drinking (although we do have to coax him with a little bit of cat food - the cats disapprove, by the way) and has gained one whole pound in the past two weeks! When we got him, he was 2 lbs. and today he weighed 3 lbs! Our little man is growing and we are loving every bit of the good times with him.

Thank you for loving our little Milo!