Emery Rose // Central Texas Lifestyle Photographer

For anyone who knows me, they know I have a hard time being so far away from this little girl as she grows up. Every day, she continues to speak unimaginable words for a two-year old - she is so smart and wise and although I know her mommy and daddy are doing a perfect job in raising her, a deep part of me wishes I could teach her a thing or two about life every so often. 

But… I realize what I miss out on even more than not being able to teach her things... is the things that she could be teaching me. 

Spontaneity. Adventure. Fearlessness. As children do, she doesn't focus on our faults. She loves deeply and every day brings something new to embrace. She has a wild imagination and a precise memory. I can be gone for months and she still runs out the door towards me and I am greeted by her silly grin, followed by a "Cole, let's play!!"

Ronnie & I bought a dress for her before I left Texas (and it ended up being way too short for her tall self anyway!) but the excitement over her "pretty dress" was something I admired. I soaked up all of her excitement into my heart because I strongly feel that if everyone in this world could be as appreciative as she was in that moment that I handed her her "pretty dress," this world would be a better place.

It is truly the little things.