Meet Milo // Our Handsome Soldier

On Sunday, we brought home our baby boy and it still feels so incredibly surreal to me (as you can probably tell from my Instagram & Facebook feeds.) Having always had a dog in our lives up until three years ago, Ronnie & I finally decided it was time to add four paws to the family. 

We've waited a long time for those four paws to walk through our door (or carried in Milo's case.) I like to think that we saved him on Sunday, but I know that he did that all on his own. He's a strong little boy and he's been living up to his name since the moment we saw him.


In the Middle Ages, the usual Latin form of Miles was Milo, and although the derivation is uncertain, it is likely that it had been associated with the Latin word 'miles', meaning soldier.

Two months ago, we had a name picked out for this little man, and two days ago we found ourselves making an emergency trip to the vet roughly five hours after picking him up because his health had deteriorated severely. I remember having tears in my eyes as Ronnie held my hand and the veterinarians couldn't tell us for certain if Milo would even survive over the next several weeks. He was weak and tired. He couldn't walk and was having difficulties breathing. I sat with Ronnie in the cold room as they performed an X-ray on him to check for pneumonia and other tests for life-threatening viruses, all the while Ronnie assured me that everything would be fine and that he was our little "soldier."

I haven't spoken at all about this on social media simply because I didn't want to believe that our luck had broken our hearts once again. It's been two days since we were sent home with lots of meds and Milo's health has taken a complete 180. He's a soldier like his daddy and I already couldn't imagine our lives without him. He's running around, chowing down his food, and licking my face endlessly. Please pray for our baby and keep him in your thoughts so that he can soon be 110% healthy. XOXO.

Meet Milo. (for the 5,832,974,732 time if you follow me for Instagram) ;)