A Golden State of Mind // California Bound

I visited California in January for the first time since I was ten years old - and let me just tell you - it gave me the same feeling ten years ago as it did several months ago. There's something about the ocean and the feeling of solitude & peace amongst the millions of people who travel to and live there. Although it may take a few years, I won't stop busting my butt until I am able to call California my forever home.

I was supposed to go to New York & Illinois this month - but had to stay home to take care of my sick little pup as I knew here was where I was supposed to be. Because I had to cancel, I obviously had to put to use my Southwest funds I still had leftover - and what better way than to put them towards a rain-check trip to see Jess in New York AND a trip to LA for Ben Sasso's Foster Workshop! For the past year, I've been longing just to be able to register for one of his online classes - and my dream of meeting him and learning from him is something I never imagined I would see in my lifetime. Not only am I making it a reality, but a good friend & roommate I met from Turning Tides is already signed up too! (Insert chest bump between Katie Nesbitt & I here - haha)

Seize the day and make things happen. Some of the best things come from spur-of-the-moment decisions. Stop waiting for the right time to come, stop thinking that you're not worthy - and start thinking about how much more happiness you could bring into your life if you just said "eff yes." If you know you want it, do it.