Darrius & Nikki // Salado Couple Photography

I met Darris & Nikki through my lovely friend, Porshia. It's so incredible the things that can happen when you decide to take a leap of faith. For a long time, I was fearful of meeting new people here. (Don't ask me why, I was being really ridiculous.) A few months ago, I asked a question in a Facebook group of army wives who live in Fort Hood. Porshia helped me out, and in a really creepy way, I stalked her profile photos because I was blown away by her beauty (let's admit it, we all creep every once in awhile.) Well, for me, creeping that day turned out to be an incredible opportunity for me because Porshia private messaged me back and here I am several months later, having photographed five sessions since meeting with her. 

She has opened up the doors for me in incredible ways, not to mention she's pretty awesome when "going out for dinner" turns into "let's just get wine and dessert instead." My type of girl right there!

I met Darrius & Nikki a week ago and instantly felt connected to them. They were so laid back and comfortable to be around - they made my job way too easy if you ask me! Also, Darrius is Chicago Bulls fan. You get mega brownie points from me, man! During our session, they were already interested in scheduling another session with their son and daughter! Love love love them. Thank you so much for arriving as yourselves and just being simply as you two are with one another. XO!