Austin // A Weekend Away

After what seemed as though a never-ending month of disappointment, our weekend away to Austin was just what we needed to recover and get back on our feet. 

Earlier this month, we planned this trip working around a space through Airbnb that would allow dogs so we could bring Milo with us and ensure that he was taken care of (if you haven't checked Airbnb out yet, I highly suggest it for traveling!) We got extremely lucky with this space and jumped on it right away. And… although we weren't able to bring Milo with us as we had hoped, there were signs of our little man throughout our trip and as much as it made us miss him, we know that he was just letting us know that he loves us and is doing perfect up in puppy heaven.  

Almost immediately after I soaked up the beauty and light of the place, my eyes were drawn to a little text decor block in the kitchen that read...

"All you need is love… and a dog." 

Yep. I was home.

On Friday night, we went to Hopdoddy, our typical spot to stop when we're in Austin. The wait line is generally pretty long, but those Oreo milkshakes are completely worth it!! On Saturday, we woke up and decided to drive over to Gourdough's (an epically delicious donut food truck - holy cow - my taste buds still can't get over it) and after that we hopped over to the other side of the parking lot to get some tacos. Who says tacos for breakfast are a bad thing?? ;) After that, we grabbed our swimming suits and decided to make our way to Hamilton Pool (a place that has been on our wish list for some time now) that's about 45 minutes outside of Austin. When we finally got to our "destination," we were sitting in the middle of nowhere on some back road. After doing some more researching, we realized that our GPS took us to an area that was still 45 minutes away from Hamilton Pool. Thanks Mapquest. Appreciate that.

We questioned whether we should still go, and after I looked up some info on it's website, we found that there was currently no swimming allowed at the time due to high bacteria levels. No thank you, you do not have to sign me up for some brain-eating amoeba! So, we headed back kind of disappointed that we had wasted a bit of our afternoon. We quickly came up with another plan and decided to try our hand at kayaking for the first time since our horrible experience in Mexico four years ago. (Don't ask.) We stopped at Texas Rowing Center and signed up for the tandem kayak. For about an hour, I yelled at Ronnie for wanting to "jump out and swim" and explained to him that if he did that, I would fall out of the kayak and that is not what I had in mind. Shortly after, I found myself having a panic attack because I was in the water, iPhone, clothes, & all, fighting for my life. Okay… maybe not but getting back into the kayak as a hundred people were watching me was not necessarily my idea of a good time. I won't go into details about the argument that ensued after this. :P

After we got back home and showered, we decided to go out to eat for mexican in South Congress. I had a margarita and it was delicious as always. We explored a bit more of SoCo as our bellies made a bit more room for a trip to Amy's Ice Creams. One of these stops included a vintage antique store that Ronnie and I couldn't behave in. Picture a taxidermist's heaven crossed with a bunch of costumes on these animals and other weird shit that doesn't even make sense. I'm surprised we weren't kicked out.

On Sunday morning, we decided to stop at the Zilker Botanical Garden on our way back to Killeen. Somehow we found ourselves involved in a cactus auction surrounded by a group of elderly people that were far too serious about their plants. Ronnie overheard one man saying, "Even though they are brown on the outside, they still have their souls on the inside." I suppose that means all the plants I've killed still have souls… but they're in a landfill somewhere. Oops. On another note, it was nice to explore the gardens with my love by my side… sweating my booty off in the Texas heat.

We can't thank our host, Christina, enough for allowing us to stay in her gorgeous loft. It was exactly what we needed this weekend.

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