Luna Kin: Vol. 1

Luna is eleven weeks now! She brings so much joy to us - and is kind of, really, really insanely crazy. In a good way. ;) The Shiba 500 occurs on a regular basis, although I've never managed to take a video in time! I promise it will make it to Instagram one day. This week has been a special week for us, as the eleventh week is a week we never saw with Milo. 

We have given Luna a middle name... I know, we're kinda crazy. It was important to us that we chose a Japanese name to add to Luna's name. "Kin," meaning gold, struck out to us. Milo always had this funny, but super sweet habit of sitting in the grass, facing away from us, while he watched the sun go down. He seriously wouldn't even look back at us! I always viewed these quiet, golden, hazy moments as Milo's way of enjoying everything he had right in front of him.

He taught us to stay gold. Luna Kin carries on in Milo's footsteps by teaching us to do the same.

We've had so much fun with her and we thank Milo all the time for sending her our way. <3

Nicole Lender2 Comments