Luna Kin: Vol. 2

It was such a beautiful day here in central Texas! A whopping 80º in the middle of January. Apologies to all of you up north... but not really. ;) Although it was really warm, I was not super enthused when Ronnie asked me if we could go paddle boarding at the lake. I told him he could go on his own, but he convinced me and the pup (I'm not so sure she needed convincing) to head out and enjoy the amazing weather.

So we strapped up the paddle board to the top of the Cruze... which is always a funny sight in my opinion. A tiny sedan carrying a 12-foot board nowhere near the ocean or a nice body of water. :)

We plan to get Luna a life jacket so she can go with us this summer on our trips to the lake - but she proved to us today that she wanted to get a head start on learning the ins and outs of SUP! (stand up paddle board)

Anyway - enough chit chat from me... Here's Luna's first trip to the lake! She was a pro at boarding, swimming, and rolling around in the sand. I can hardly handle how perfect she is for us.

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