The Moment I Knew // Second-Shooter Announcement

Seven months ago, I posted a photo to Facebook that my husband, Ronnie, had taken of me. I jokingly captioned it saying, "Raise your hand if you think my husband should be my second shooter after he gets out of the Army." To this day, he still brags about that particular photo of myself walking across a bridge at Chalk Ridge Falls - and the fact that it received over 200 likes on Facebook so he "must be a better photographer than me." In my mind, I knew it would be really incredible to have this dream come true, but realistically I didn't believe it would happen (mostly because I didn't think it would be that easy to convince him to give up Saturdays). ;)

Seven months later and here I am, announcing to you that this crazy, fun-loving dude will be tagging along with me for 2015 weddings. And if he is lucky enough, he'll be able to do 2016 too. ;) We are the perfect mix of intimate and wild - we pride ourselves in knowing that the quiet, cozy moments are just as important as the crazy, free-spirited moments that couples share together - and we're so thankful to be there to document the range of those emotions on wedding days as uniquely as they are. Also, if it helps at all - Ronnie's basically got the best immune system out of anyone on this planet and I think he's been sick one time out of the past five years (at least!). And... I don't know about you but my husband isn't gonna tell me that he "can't go to work" on a Saturday morning when we've got a wedding to photograph! You can count on that. ;)

In retrospect, I think the moment I knew I would lure Ronnie in to be my second shooter was several days after Milo left our world. It kind of all hit me at once. I had all of these emotions flooding around through my head - knowing that we did the right thing for Milo, but still questioning everything and learning to live day-to-day without the incredible joy that he brought to our lives. To say that I was sad was an understatement. I just felt so helpless while trying to keep it together. Trying to avoid the thought of wondering if our seemingly continuous bad luck would ever make its way out of our life... because I didn't want to blame it all on that - I wanted to be stronger than that.

The moment I knew that I wanted Ronnie to be a part of all this was when he took a photo of me in Austin - three days after Milo left us - simply as I was. Several months later and I still view these photos from Austin and think about how lucky I am. That he could make me feel so beautiful when I was so heartbroken. 

That was the moment I knew, as a team, we wouldn't be letting our couples down. Because... if he could make me believe I was beautiful in that moment of my life, imagine how incredible our couples will feel while flipping through images of themselves on the happiest moment of theirs?


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