Rockford Engagement Session // Chelsea + Jared

If I said I hadn't been waiting for a long time for this moment, I'd be lying. Secretly, I really really hoped that Chelsea + Jared would contact me after their super sweet engagement - and when the email came through, I was yelling, "Whoop, whoop!!" way too loudly throughout the apartment. That's my overused phrase whenever I'm excited, so please bear with me, for I'm sure you'll hear it a lot if you choose to collaborate with me. Not only are Chelsea + Jared one of the most gorgeous couples I know (yes Jared, you gorgeous thing you), but they also have a love story that runs as far back as I can remember. 

I think everyone has kind of been waiting for the moment when Jared would pop the question, and boy did he do so with such a beautiful ring! These two suggested we go to the Carlyle Brewery in downtown Rockford as well as a location with a lot of snow. I was jumping for joy, literally. I love when my couples ask if they can incorporate an interest or specific location for their engagement session. It helps to make the session that much more unique, and let's be real, who doesn't love exploring new places and going on adventures... and beer? Haha.

Both Chelsea + Jared warned me at the beginning of our session that they "were not romantic whatsoever" but I'd like to say that they look pretty cozy in their set below. I can't wait for their New Years Eve wedding this year!!