Luna | Wardrobe Wednesdays: Week 1

One of my least favorite things about my childhood was saying goodbye to my parents as they left to go on amazing vacations without my brother and I - and now I don't blame them one single bit. But... one of my most favorite things about my childhood was being able to hug them once they got home, waiting for them to pull out the souvenirs they got for both of us. They would hide them behind their backs and say, "Which hand?" And we would scurry away with our new 'treasures' and display them somewhere in our rooms.

Clearly, I needed to carry this tradition on with our little fur child. So, while I was in Mexico for the What If Conference, I made it my goal to find Luna a mini-sombrero. Would she like it? Probably not. Would she look adorable in it? Heck yes.

Without further ado...

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