Luna | Wardrobe Wednesdays: Week 5

I'll be honest with you all. I ran out of time to come up with a great idea for this week's post, but I told myself this morning that I would still throw something together for today's Wardrobe Wednesday. Which is turning more into random weird things I can set her up with and less about any human clothing I put her in.  Nevertheless, somehow I always love the next one better than the last. Haha! Luna's gearing up for paddleboarding with us this summer. We haven't purchased her doggie life jacket yet, but we taught her all about water safety this morning! 


Always have a reward. If your dog is anywhere near as stubborn as Luna is (yes, she really is!!) have a bag of high-reward treats ready. I would never be able to get through these little five minute sessions with her if it weren't for her favorite treats! Give your dog a firm "stay" and once you have a couple photos, reward with a treat and go back to shooting a few more. Repeat. Keep the treats small (sometimes we break them in half) as it will help extend the amount of time your dog will allow you to take photos of them. Hopefully! ;) Share your dog's wardrobe with us by using the hashtag "lunawardrobewed"!

Have a great week and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!