Shauna + Jeff | Dubuque Engagement Session

Shauna and Jeff approached me about photographing their wedding before I even knew for sure that I would be moving back to Illinois - and I'm so happy that we did because I got to spend a wonderful night with them over in Dubuque this week! Plus, we can't wait to be with them during their wedding day in August at Eagle Ridge in Galena! Heck yes!

Shauna had the nervous giggles pretty much the entire time we were shooting - but c'mon, how contagious is her smile though?! Remember taking all of those photos for mom and dad during proms and homecomings - smiling ear to ear for every photo? And by the end of it, you couldn't even tell if you were smiling anymore because your cheeks were so numb? Well, my cheeks hurt like that while I was culling through all of the photos we took. If this is how happy they are during an engagement session, I'm so excited for what's in store on their wedding day! Shauna and Jeff, you guys hit this one out of the ballpark. Can't wait for your wedding!

Nicole LenderComment