Mumford & Sons Anniversary Surprise | 3 Years

Holy crap. Was this ever the hardest thing to keep a secret! I'm always the one that ends up being entirely too excited about something and I end up breaking the news much faster than I planned. Surely this was no exception - but we've been so busy lately that the time that has passed since I bought these tickets and now went by so quickly!

This dork has been so focused on prepping for school and I knew he wouldn't have had the chance to stalk Mumford and Son's social media accounts to see when they'd be around. Thankfully, I was. And tomorrow, after all these years of wishing and waiting to see them live, we finally get the opportunity! EEK! Not to mention they are playing at Montrose Beach in Chicago (although Ronnie clearly forgot about how meaningful that location was to me when I lived there - haha!! "Montrose Beach....?") which makes it even better! I had always gone with Ronnie to Montrose Beach as our "safe zone" whenever we were having bad days. I usually left my phone at home and I would soak up everything the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan had to offer, and I always went home feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle new challenges. Happy three year anniversary to my Ronald! :)

Nicole LenderComment