Lettie Lyn | Rockford Lifestyle Family Photographer

Tanner and Rudy gave me the opportunity to photograph their wedding back in 2012, trusting me to document their day even though I had never photographed a wedding before. I really hadn't even met them, but only knew of them through mutual family friends up until the day I photographed their engagement session. And throughout the years, they have endlessly supported me and given me the opportunity to give them images of their family to hold close to their hearts forever.

In June, they welcomed their second daughter, Lettie Lyn, and my goodness, she's just as beautiful as her big sister, Stevie Rae. I credit much of my achievements to this family and I know I shouldn't have favorites, but I consider them my most faithful clients. It's so amazing to see how they have grown as a family in the last three years. Love you guys so, so much.

Nicole LenderComment