Haley + Alex | Alder Planetarium Surprise Proposal

I still remember the first time I met Haley. Alex had been in a bit of a rough place for some time and I knew, with certainty, in the moment I met her that she was the one for him. The way both her and Alex's faces lit up when they were around one another was something that stood out so much to me. Haley is so down-to-earth and compliments with Alex so well - having grown up with Alex, I couldn't imagine anyone more perfect for him. 

Back in July, I had told one of my friends during a conversation that I needed to get ahold of my friend Alex to let him know that he simply could not propose to Haley without me being there. Of course, I didn't know at the time that he was planning to do it within the next several months. One of the things that makes Alex such a great guy is that he was actually the one to get ahold of me first. 

He called me one afternoon and I freaked out seeing his name pop up on my phone. Alex texts me, but he's never been one to call me on the phone. After getting over my initial panic, I answered the phone and said "Hey!" and before he could even ask me if I would photograph his surprise proposal for Haley, I said "YES. I'M PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR PROPOSAL." And we both began laughing and from that point forward, we made all of the plans - hitting a few bumps along the way! 

The surprise was almost spoiled when I had sent a fist bump emoji to Alex after he had deleted all of our messages, leaving Haley wondering what I had sent this random emoji for. You know us girls, we can get quite suspicious about those emojis! Haha. The surprise was again almost spoiled when Alex's jeweler sent the statement to his and Haley's apartment in Milwaukee instead of his parents' house. Nonetheless, we waited a few weeks and planned for Sunday, August 30th in Chicago - where Alex and Haley's story began.

My wonderful friend, Haley, accepted my spontaneous request to be my "fake" model during the proposal as Haley (Alex's Haley - haha) would have been able to very easily notice who I was. Alex and Haley were riding down from Wrigleyville to the Alder Planetarium with reservations at a restaurant downtown. Alex suggested they stop at the planetarium first to see the sunset before dinner. During this time, Alex and I were frantically emailing with one another as we hadn't been able to scope out the spot together prior to the proposal. My friend, Haley, ran around looking for an object - the winner was a white plastic fork and I let Alex know that once he arrived at the no diving sign on the concrete path with the white fork placed near it, he was good to go. Alex mentioned afterwards that he had never been so happy to see a white plastic fork! Haha. From there, I pretended to photograph Haley, my model, when I was actually stalking these two. 

It was a beautiful night for these two to get engaged and I'm so thankful they found one another. Congratulations, you two! I love you both and your wedding is going to be incredibly epic!

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