Kari + Kyle | Vail Mountain Elopement | Colorado Wedding Photography

Kari & Kyle contacted me last fall in hopes that I would be available to photograph their potential Colorado mountain elopement. At the time they weren't sure if they were having their wedding celebration at home in Illinois or in Vail, Colorado, a place Kyle had called home for several years. I may or may not have done my part to push for the elopement, but I'll just keep that little secret to myself. Several weeks later, they had made up their minds and decided to go the untraditional route - which cued a total freakout of excitement by myself because of it's official-ness.

To be completely honest, when Kari & Kyle booked with me, I hadn't had many weddings for 2015 (their wedding made it my third) and it was during a time where I wasn't sure where Ronnie & I were even headed next after the military life. But Kari & Kyle trusted in me and believed that anywhere I went, they wanted me to be there with them. It was because of their beliefs in me as a photographer and a friend that kept me pushing forward in a time where I could have very easily given up on photography all together. The desire for a more financially stable career - more time with my family - less chance of failure (possibly) all sounded so great in a time where I wasn't sure how we would continue to pay our bills.

Ronnie and I can happily say that because of the determination and support we've provided for one another combined with the support of our clients-turned-friends, we have 11 weddings for this year and a higher goal for next year. Kari & Kyle allowed us to fly out to Colorado to photograph our very first wedding of the year and we couldn't be more excited to share their special day with you! Every time Ronnie would take a photo that he was proud of, he would look over at me with a silly smirk on his face and say, "Money shot baby, get on my level." Some of those shots happened to be of chipmunks and a heart he drew in the sand next to the river. Haha! Apparently I've been warned that I will get "surprise" photos at every wedding now - but I have to wait until I get working on them to find out what it is - which is actually pretty exciting... because I'll just be scrolling through gorgeous photos of the bride and groom and all of a sudden there's a squirrel with a nut in it's mouth just running around chaotically. Ronnie was such a blast to shoot with and he and Kyle developed a pretty intense bromance throughout our time together. Kari & Kyle showed us around Vail and treated us to the best pizza in Vail after their vow exchange! That's our type of way to end a wedding day. :) You two, we can't thank you enough for your amazing hospitality and generosity in sharing such an amazing couple of days with us in Colorado.

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