Tawney + Shawn | Rockford Wedding Photographer

I've known of Tawney and Shawn for awhile over social media, but met them for the first time during their engagement session! They have such a warm and welcoming vibe and I was grateful to spend an evening with them on Tawney's family's property - the same property that they will be married on - isn't it gorgeous?!

Tawney's dad, Steve, chauffeured us around in his truck to all of the rad spots on their land and I left with a beautiful glimpse of how truly beautiful their wedding day will be. They asked if we could shoot in the old railroad car that sat on top of the property nestled in a wooded area and I absolutely fell in love with it. Steve mentioned the crazy parties they used to have in the railroad car when he was younger - haha! I can always appreciate the history and connection in the locations my couples suggest! I love you two already and can't wait for your October wedding!

Nicole LenderComment